About Fictionwise.com


Fictionwise.com is committed to providing the Internet's most comprehensive collection of fiction (and yes nonfiction too!) in the most popular eBook formats.

At Fictionwise, you'll find award-winning and high quality eBooks by top authors in all the major genres. We are also working hard to make Fictionwise.com the most technically advanced eBook website (ranging from sophisticated search or sorting options to a complete coupon and promotions system to artificial intelligence systems to help members buy eBooks they will enjoy).

Fictionwise launched on June 5th, 2000 as a partnership between Steve Pendergrast and Mindwise Media, LLC, which is owned by Scott Pendergrast. The success of Fictionwise led to it being spun out of Mindwise into its own company, now called Fictionwise, Inc.

Fictionwise.com also manages several other eBook websites, such as eBookwise.com, which supports eBooks for the eBookwise-1150 reading device and Libwise.com, which is our eBooks for Libraries solution.

Fictionwise is open to potential partnerships and strategic relationships. We believe that the potential for eBooks is enormous and the best way to expand the market is to work together. Contact Scott Pendergrast with your ideas.

What people are saying about Fictionwise.com

"I've been waiting a long time for an eBook site like Fictionwise to showcase top shelf stories that have already seen print."

-James Patrick Kelly, author

"Put this site on your "to visit" list. You're bound to find something good for morning or evening commute. Just don't try to drive and read at the same time."


"...a new holy e-grail beckons: www.fictionwise.com is reissuing previously published short sf by established authors and offering actual advances for electronic rights. Thumbs up to Fictionwise.com."

-David Langford, author

"Need more to read? Check out this great new site: Fictionwise.com. The site's layout is beautiful and easy to navigate, and they're offering some award-winning stories for free!"

-Paula Fleming's Picks

"This is a GREAT site if you like short stories from well-known authors. "


"Slick new ePublisher Fictionwise.com is building a presence in two niches where eBooks excel: short fiction and out-of-print works."


"KUDOS! I love your site, and I love the content. I like the idea, too: getting decent stories and novellas to read on my Cassiopeia is wonderful...I hope for my own sake that you remain wildly popular for the rest of my life."

-Michelle M.

"I'll repeat that fictionwise has made MS reader into the killer app on my Pocket PCs."

-Bill G.

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