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eBook Basics:

What is an eBook? Can I print eBooks? Am I allowed to email an eBook to a friend? Can I order eBooks by phone? Can I pay for an eBook with a check? Can I send eBook Gift Certificates? How is eBook pricing decided? How do I order an eBook? Can I order multiple copies of an eBook?

eBook Reading Devices & Formats Overview:

  • Sony Reader (PRS-500 and PRS-505 will only read unencrypted MultiFormat eBooks from Fictionwise. Use the .lrf format.)
  • Kindle (the Kindle will only read unencrypted MultiFormat eBooks from Fictionwise. Use the .mobi format.)
  • Personal Computers (eReader [-er.pdb], Microsoft Reader [.lit], Adobe Digital Editions [.pdf and .epub], Mobipocket [.prc])
  • Palm OS Smartphones/Handhelds (Palm Doc [.pdb], iSilo [-is.pdb], Mobipocket)
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC Smartphones/Handhelds (eReader [-er.pdb], Microsoft Reader [.lit], Mobipocket [.prc])
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone (eReader [-er.pdb], Mobipocket [.prc])
  • Win CE Handhelds (Palm Doc [.pdb], Mobipocket [.prc])
  • Rocket/Reb1100 Devices (rocket files only [.rb])
  • BlackBerry (Mobipocket [.prc])
  • Franklin eBookMan (Mobipocket, eBookMan files [.fub])
  • Hiebook (Hiebook [.kml])
  • Symbian Series 60 and UIQ Organizers and Smartphones (eReader [-er.pdb], Mobipocket [.prc])
  • Other Devices (many can read Palm Doc [.pdb])

Fictionwise Money Saving Tips:

  • Nine Ways to Save!

Secure Formats, MultiFormat, and Multimedia Formats:

  1. Installing and Using Secure eReader Software
  2. eReader for Android
  3. eReader for iPhone
  4. eReader for BlackBerry
  5. Installing and Using Secure Microsoft Reader Software
  6. Installing and Using Secure Mobipocket Software
  7. Installing and Using Adobe Digital Editions Software
  8. Gemstar/Rocket Devices
  9. About MultiFormat & Secure Formats
  10. Multimedia (audio/video) formats


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