How Fictionwise Works:


  • Register for Free: By registering at Fictionwise, you gain access to our free eBooks or you can purchase eBooks (all eBooks are stored on your personal Bookshelf, where you can download them as needed). Registered members who sign up for our email newsletters will receive discounts and special promotions. Your privacy is completely guaranteed.
  • Search for eBooks: On the left side of most pages at Fictionwise are various search options, including search by keyword, search by genre (e.g., science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, etc.), or search by browsing various categories (e.g., Authors, Award-Winners, Best Sellers, New eBooks, etc.). Fictionwise sells both unencrypted (called MultiFormat) and encrypted "Secure" eBooks. On each eBook description page the formats that eBook are available in are clearly indicated. Learn more about formats and devices, or learn more about MultiFormat and Secure formats.
  • Purchasing eBooks (Safe Shopping Guarantee): To purchase, first add eBooks to your cart. To avoid credit card processing fees for small purchases (under $5), consider using the Fictionwise Micropay System. You can add $5 units to your Micropay Account, and then buy eBooks using Micropay! Or you can purchase with your credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). Credit card purchases require users to submit a CVV2 code, which is a special 3 or 4 digit number on the card. Learn more about CVV2.
  • Downloading eBooks: Once you have completed your purchase, go to your Bookshelf and download your eBooks. Make sure you first select an eBook format you wish to read (you can set your default format on the top left of your Bookshelf). You can download your eBooks as needed in any of the formats that the eBook is available in. If you have purchased an unencrypted "MultiFormat" eBook, then you can download that title in up to 8 unencrypted formats. If you have purchased an encrypted eBook, then you can download that title in the one specific encrypted format that you selected during the purchase process. Important Note: Once an eBook has been downloaded, it cannot be refunded or exchanged. Please make sure you can read eBooks in your chosen format before downloading.
  • Bookshelf Features: According to a recent survey, the Fictionwise Bookshelf is one of the most popular aspects of the Fictionwise system. It's worth your time to spend a few minutes to learn more about your Bookshelf, which is packed with advanced features that are especially appreciated by our power users. Don't miss the links on the left side of your Bookshelf! Some of the features in your Bookshelf include:
    -- Send coupons to your friends
    -- Download your eBooks individually or in Bulk
    -- Rate your eBooks individually or in Bulk
    -- Change your personal information (email address, etc.)
    -- Subscribe/Unsubscribe to newsletters and alerts
    -- Sort your eBooks in multiple ways
    -- Download eBook information in a .csv file (see your Bulk download area)
    -- View your personal promotions and discounts
  • Reading eBooks: You need reading software to read your eBooks. See this help page for more information.
  • Changing my account information (email address, billing address, newsletter options): You can change your account information, such as your email address, by going to your Bookshelf and clicking on the UPDATE MY PROFILE link on the left side in the red box. It is important that your Fictionwise address is the same as the billing address for the credit card you use. If these two addresses do not match, you credit card purchase may be denied by the company that handles Fictionwise's credit card processing.