Author Web Sites

Authors Against E-Book Theft: A place where authors can post URLS to blogs, torrents, peer to peer file sharing websites and email addies of the pirates.

Fan Web Sites

Kage Baker:
Kage Her Page: Official site hosted by the author. News, interviews, bibliography, online chat, and previews of upcoming titles.

Damien Broderick:
Damien Broderick Unofficial Home Page: Unofficial site hosted by Barbara Lamar. Science book reviews, SF book reviews, bibliography, books, articles and talks, biography, works online, articles about Broderick's work.

Greg Egan:
Greg Egan's Home Page: Official site hosted by the author. Includes a bibliography, links to works online (including sixteen complete stories), the Foundations series of science articles, links to related sites, and an applets gallery.

Harlan Ellison:
Ellison Webderland: The official Harlan Ellison site hosted by Rick Wyatt. News, links of interest, kick net piracy, online works, picture gallery, bibliography, biography, resources/store, visitor forums, rants, contact info, and a Web Site interview.

Harlan Ellison Fights for Creator's Rights: Author Harlan Ellison and his attorney, M. Christine Valada, have been fighting a legal battle since April 2000 to protect writer's creative properties. To aid in this battle, KICK INTERNET PIRACY has been set up to help pay Ellison's costs and legal fees in this battle. This page is merely a point for those on the internet interested in helping to add their help or their voice. For the easiest way to help out, visit the Donations Page.

Sheila Finch:
Sheila Finch Home Page: Official site hosted by the author. Brief bio, new story info, related links and a contact email address.

James Patrick Kelly:
Strange but not a Stranger: Official site hosted by the author. News, info, sales, opinions, and previews of upcoming titles.

John Kessel:
John Kessel's Moment Universe: Official site hosted by the author. News, biography, bibliography, interviews, story samples, and an image gallery.

Barry Malzberg:
Overlay: Malzberg, the Gamesman: Unofficial tribute to Barry Malzberg by Frank Black.

Janet Mills:
Janet Mills Home Page: Official site hosted by the author. Includes links and descriptions of her romance novels. Includes a brief bio, excerpts, newsletter, contests, related links, store and more.

Laura Resnick:
Laura Resnick a.k.a Laura Leone: Official site hosted by the author. Includes links and descriptions of her fantasy and romance novels, as well as a biography, articles, columns, bibliography, and a guest book.

Pamela Sargent:
Author of Science & Historical Fiction: People site hosted by Glenn Engel-Cox. Latest news, interviews, online chat, cat stories, bibliography, books available.

Robert Silverberg:
Quasi-Official Robert Silverberg Home Page: Designated as 'Quasi-Official' by Mr. Silverberg in a note on the home page, Jon Davis hosts this comprehensive site that includes a full bibliography, news, links, a chat room, and exclusive previews of upcoming titles.

Michael Swanwick:
Michael Swanwick Online: Official site hosted by the author with the help of Vlatko Juric-Kokic, Keith Brooke, Peter Tillman, and Nicholas Gevers. Unca mike's advice, news, samples of fiction and non-fiction, bibliography, gallery, reviews & analysis, links, and contact info.

Genre Web Sites -- [Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery]

Analog Science Fiction and Fact: The magazine where science fiction grew up.

Ansible: Dave Langford's own literary magazine.

Asimov's Science Fiction: Great site. Stories, articles, and lots of links.

Christian SF: Christian speculative fiction (Christian SF or CSF), or, as some prefer to call it, Christian futuristic fiction (CFF), and Christian fantasy (CF) combine one or more aspects of speculative or fantasy fiction with Biblical themes to examine Christian doctrine, ethics, and relationships (with God and other people) in a fresh context. This can be useful in removing the myopia attendant on the context we do live in, so as to allow the issues to speak for themselves.

Best SF: The fully featured Best SF Database contains 800+ summaries of short SF stories. Search by author, title, storylines, year. The Best SF Gateway links you to 400+ of the best SF short stories available in full on the Web. Award Winners, Best of Years, and Big Name authors. The Best SF Reviews section reviews the latest magazine SF, and SF anthologies and collections.

Dark Echo Horror: A site dedicated to the horror genre.

Demensions: Self-described as "Doorways to Science Fiction and Fantasy."

Emerald City: On-line magazine devoted to science fiction and fantasy literature published by Cheryl Morgan.

IWOFA: Infinite Worlds Of Fantasy Authors. We are writers in the speculative fiction genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, alternate history, paranormal romance, dark romance, dark fantasy, or magic realism. We build dreams. Come journey with us.

Locus Online: News, reviews, resources, and perspectives of the science fiction field.

Quantum Muse: Strives to provides the discriminating reader with the best fantasy and science fiction literature and art available.

Sci-fi Channel: The official site of the Sci-Fi Channel; also much more than that. A place where you can read a review of the latest blockbuster movie, watch an original online series, chat with a best-selling author, buy exclusive merchandise, and more. Manuscript editing and resources for writers of science fiction, speculative fiction, and historical fiction.

SFF Net: SFF Net is the place for authors, editors, readers, and publishers to get together to discuss books, stories, the art and craft of popular fiction, and all aspects of the literary life. Come here for fast-moving, intelligent conversation about genre literature of all kinds.

SF Site: The SF Site is dedicated to the best in science fiction and fantasy, in print and media, on the Web and off. Includes feature reviews, news, indexed links to the best SF sites on the World Wide Web, interviews with SF writers and artists, and much more.

Speculative Fiction World: is an online resource guide for speculative fiction writers and readers.

PDA Web Sites -- [Hardware / Software / News / Information]

eBookwise: Owned by Fictionwise, our eBook Reader and the site specifically designed for owners.

Brighthand: The intelligent place for handhelds.

CEWire: Windows CE news and information source. Home of the most complete set of FAQs on Windows CE anywhere!

InterPUG: A volunteer organization whose purpose is to support local Palm User Groups (PUGs) around the world.

Palm-size PC Online: News, downloads and information for palm-size PCs. A publication of and SanSoft, providing PDA news and commentary on the web since 1994.

PDA Geek: Daily news for PDA geeks. The name says it all.

PDA Mart: The Authoritative Source for PDA Information and Products on the Internet.'s vision is to educate, enlighten, and enlist new users to the world of Windows CE devices.

PocketPC Central: Hardware, software, info, news, and links dedicated to pocket computing.

PocketPC Magazine: For users of Windows Powered Handheld and Pocket PCs.

Pocket PC Thoughts: Daily news, views, rants and raves on everything Pocket PC.

The Gadgeteer: News, reviews, software and forums for all types of PDAs and electronic gadgets.